Are you starting a new church and want to be organized from the very start? Are your covenant churches operating the same as the other covenant churches? Do you see your new member classes getting smaller, yet the number of Saints leaving the congregation getting larger? Church Builders International (C.B.I.) can help! C.B.I. understands that the purpose of the modern day church is to teach, however, there is a business side of the operation that has to be structured like a business. C.B.I. can, not only get all your departments working like a business, but all your covenant churches as well. C.B.I. offers pastoral and department head leadership training, evangelism and retention, youth explosion workshops and many other courses and activities. This will allow you to spend more time delivering the Word from above as C.B.I. focuses on the business in the back!



Right now, C.B.I. is offering a 6 hour workshop on volunteer leadership.  This astounding class will develop in your church the corporate skills of:


=>  Volunteer recruiting

=>  Retention

=>  Needs of a Volunteer

=>  Correcting Problem Behaviors

=>  Creating a Job Description

=>  Retaining and Rewarding Volunteers

=>  Develop and Communicate Vision



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