"Todd  makes all his classes enjoyable and interesting!  He is knowledgeable about his materials and passionate about his craft!!"

"Todd Ross and his trainers have a way of getting everyone involved in the class, this made us much more confident in going back to work and doing our jobs better!"

"I have never had so much fun at work in all my time with the company....I wish Todd could train us all the time."

"Todd got us so motivated the excited about our our jobs and the changes we need to make to be successful."

"The instuctor provided an excallent environment to facilitate learning, provided excitement to the lesson and encouraged active learning!"

"Mr. Ross is an exceptional trainer!!  We all benefited from his enthusiasm, experience and expertise during this time of transition."

"This is the best training class I have ever attended!"

"Todd is one of the best trainers/instructors I've ever encountered.  As a former corporate trainer myself, I have run into people in class that happened to be rude, try to test (push) the trainer and/or question their abilities.  At the end of the day, Todd maintained an informative, professional manner...we are all going to be successful because of his training."

"I cannot belive that for the past 2 weeks, I actually looked forward to coming to work everyday!"

"Todd and his trainers are outstanding"

"2 words to describe Todd...friendly and AMAZING!!  What a great instructor!"

"Our instructors were very efficient.  He was able to keep us on track even when we started to veer.  He is the best trainer I have ever seen.  Please send him to our office to train us all the time!'

"The trainer was very effective, knowledgeable, curtious and friendly.  He should always be called upon to train when a trainer is needed because he trains in a manner where the material can be understood!  Thank you Todd Ross!"

"What energy and knowledge our trainer Todd Ross has!"

"I have had a lot of training classes in my day and a lot of trainers as well...I have to say that Todd Ross is the BEST!!  He truly loves his job!  He is very, very knowledgeable, he allows his participants to be adults so they can actually learn.  He is a true asset to any organization he trains, I will be recommending he come back to train our managers as well!!'